How to Use the Timex E-Compass Watch

Updated February 21, 2017

The Timex E-Compass watch tells you what time it is and always points North to help you navigate in and out of areas where directions aren't so easy to come by. When you first obtain your watch and adjust the straps, you might have questions about how to program it and use the compass. The compass is a fine tool that must be tuned properly before accurate readings can be procured. Following a few steps and conducting your own set-up will have you navigating effectively with your Timex in little time.

Pull out the "center crown" knob (located on the right side of the watch between the "lower crown" knob and the push button) to its middle level.

Turn the knob until the correct date appears in the date window (located at 4 o'clock), and then pull the knob out to its furthest level.

Turn the knob to the current time. The a.m./p.m. setting is determined by confirming that the date changes at midnight instead of noon. When you're satisfied with your settings, push the centre crown in completely.

Pull out the centre crown knob to its furthest level.

Push the push button or the lower crown until the hand is at 12 o'clock, if the hand is not initially pointing to 12 o'clock. Holding either button will make the compass hand move quickly.

Push the centre crown in all the way, after the compass hand has been adjusted correctly.

Pull out the centre crown knob to its middle position.

Push the push button (the uppermost button on the right edge of the watch) to start. You will see the compass hand complete two revolutions, which is a prompt to rotate your watch.

Remove the watch from your arm and set it on a steady level surface. Avoid calibrating near magnetic metallic objects such as TVs or computers.

Rotate the watch twice around giving each revolution 15 seconds at least while holding the watch level. After rotation, press the push button while keeping the watch level. You will see the compass hands move back and forth to let you know calibration is complete.

Place your watch in a level position either on your arm or on a flat surface to use the compass.

Push the push button to initiate the compass function. The compass hand will move and point North. Regardless of which way your watch is turned, it will point North as long as the watch is level. Following 20 seconds, the compass will deactivate to save battery life, and point to 12 o'clock.

Push the push button to begin another 20 seconds of compass use.

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