How to Uninstall Vertical Blinds

Updated February 21, 2017

Vertical blinds are used for window coverings in homes and offices because they are functional and attractive. They have gained a bit of a reputation as being hard to install, but uninstalling them is a much easier task. Since there is no need for accurate measuring, marking or drilling holes, you can take your vertical blinds down in no time.

Close the blinds so that the all of the louvres are spread evenly and covering the window. Adjust the louvres so that they are all perpendicular to the window glass, allowing a view outside.

Slide a flathead screwdriver between the louvre clip at the top of the blind and the louvre itself. Lift the louvre away from the window, and give it a gentle tug to free it from the clip. Repeat for each louvre.

Remove the blind head rail by inserting a flathead screwdriver between the head rail and the head rail release tab and rotating it away from the head rail bracket.

Remove the screws attaching the bracket to the wall, using a screwdriver or power drill. Pull the bracket off, then remove the other bracket in the same way to complete the blind removal job.

Take a small amount of spackling paste or putty onto a putty knife and press it into the holes left from the blind brackets. Smooth over the application by pressing down firmly with the putty knife and dragging across the hole area. Allow it to dry completely, then paint over it as necessary to match your walls.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Electric drill (optional)
  • Putty or spackling paste
  • Putty knife
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