How to Solve Wooden Puzzles

Updated November 22, 2016

One of the most beautiful, intricate, and perplexing wooden brainteasers is the Japanese puzzle box. This box challenges the player to figure out how to open it. Sliding pieces are often hidden in complex patterns in the box's artwork and must be moved in the correct order to open the box.

Examine the puzzle box. Look for patterns in the artwork where sliding pieces may be hidden.

Check the areas you have noted with your fingers for sliding pieces.

Once you have found all the sliding pieces, play with them one at a time to see if one will move. Once you find the first piece, try to figure out a pattern for the sliders based on the pattern in the artwork. If you get stuck, use trial-and-error to determine which slider to move next.

Move the sliding pieces one at a time. When all the sliding pieces are moved in the correct order, the box will pop open.

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