How to set fence posts with a laser

Updated May 18, 2018

A laser level simplifies the task of levelling fence posts to ensure a straight, durable fence line. Straight, level fence posts will not strain fencing materials. A laser level has three components: the laser, a levelling base and a floor-mounting base, each with magnets between themselves to adhere to each other in one tool. Laser levels can effectively shine a beam to use in placing fence posts over a long distance without moving them. Each time you move a conventional or electronic level leaves room for error.

Dig both corner postholes on a fence line with post hole diggers to accommodate about one-third of the post.

Place the laser level on any sturdy flat surface past the first corner post on the outside of the fence line. Level the bubble in the laser level by adjusting with the three knobs until the bubble appears in the exact centre both horizontally and vertically between the two levelling marks.

Place one corner post in the posthole, and fill with concrete mix according to the instructions on the package. Wear approved safety glasses, and move the post so that the laser shines on the outside edge of the pole without touching the red laser line. If the pole touches the laser line, it will not shine any further but the light will shine on the pole.

Set the other corner post into its post hole, and line up with the laser in the same manner as the first corner post.

Dig line post holes with post hole diggers, and align each post in the same manner to achieve a straight fence line.


A laser level can be set on a bench, a stack of wood of any type of concrete blocks so that it is steady while adjusting the levelling bubble for use. A camera tripod is also useful for this step of the process.


Do not shine the laser light into any person's or pet's eyes as it can cause damage to the eyes' retina. OSHA standards suggest to "select eye protectors that best afford the protection required to protect the eye against the maximum exposure anticipated for a particular wavelength and viewing duration." When purchasing a laser level, determine which safety glasses to purchase with it to protect your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Fence posts
  • Post hole diggers
  • Laser level
  • Concrete mix
  • Safety glasses
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