How to Buy a Telephone Chat Line

Telephone chat lines connect people from around the neighbourhood to all around the world to talk about politics, sex, art and any other topic of interest. A telephone chat line can be operated from anywhere, can prove a lucrative business and can bring the satisfaction of connecting people for conversation, friendship or love. Telephone chat lines are similar to online chat rooms as parties will subscribe and chat with individuals or groups.

Determine the type of chat room you want to start. In order for you to choose the correct telephone chat line to buy, you need to know your target market and type of features that are important to you when establishing your telephone chat line. For example, there are telephone chat line providers that allow audio music, longer voicemail greetings and the ability to send and receive messages from other subscribers.

Understand ahead of time the type of people you would like to target for your telephone chat line. The more specific you are with the types of people who will subscribe to your chat line the more money you will save when you are ready to advertise. Determine if you want to set up a telephone chat line based on religious preference, sexual orientation, hobbies or other interests.

Legally establish your business with an EIN number. When purchasing a telephone chat line it may not be required for you to own a business, but for accounting purposes and also to protect yourself from litigation, consider hiring an attorney or certified public accountant to legally establish your corporation or LLC. You can also establish the business yourself by going to your Secretary of State's website. Your EIN number can be obtained by going to the IRS's website or contacting the IRS over the phone.

Choose a telephone chat line provider to buy services from. If freedom is important to you, select a telephone chat line provider that will do all the work for you, including receiving payment from your subscribers. You can locate many chat line providers online.

Test each and every feature of your telephone chat line before you issue the number for subscribers. Have a colleague test the system by setting up accounts and using all the features of the telephone chat line to ensure everything is working properly

Advertise your telephone chat line after purchasing it. You can buy commercial and radio space based on your target market, and also create a website. If you are not proficient in copywriting or creating websites you can hire freelance web designers and copywriters by going to or

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