How to Tell a Fake Ferragamo Bag

Updated April 17, 2017

A purse is an important part of a fashionable woman's attire, and Ferragamo handbags are some of the most sought-after. Ferragamo is a top brand, and many of its clothes are worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Salvadore Ferragamo opened a shoemaking store in Santa Barbara, California, in 1919. His brand has since made every piece of clothing and accessory a woman could wear. It also makes men's clothing. The success of Ferragamo has resulted in many people using the name to sell their bags at a higher price. Spotting a fake Ferragamo can be easily done if you know where to look.

Check the handbag's stitches. Good-quality stitching with be tight, precise and without loose ends.

Look for the company tag. There will be more than one on a Ferragamo. One will have a serial number on the back. Contact the company to confirm the number.

Inspect the zippers to see that they are tight and of high workmanship. All metal items should be firmly sewn onto the bag.

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