How to Install Jibbitz on Kids' Cayman Crocs

Updated April 17, 2017

Crocs are popular and versatile shoes that many people choose to buy for their children as well as for themselves. Crocs are known for being comfortable and easy to clean and are therefore a popular choice for vacations and everyday summer wear. The "Cayman" is one of several styles that include holes in the top of the shoe for comfort and air flow. "Jibbitz" are tiny charms that can be purchased to decorate the top of the toe area of the shoes. Jibbirtz come in many varieties, including licensed characters, sports teams and everyday objects like flowers. Jibbitz range in price from £1.30 to £6 apiece and can be used on both kid and adult Crocs.

Position the Jibbitz charm above one of the holes in the toe area of the shoe. The character or decoration should be facing out.

The Jibbitz are designed with a black circular piece on the bottom of the charm. Push firmly on the Jibbitz until the black circular portion of the Jibbitz has pushed through the hole. It was designed to be flexible enough to do this. If the Jibbitz will not push through easily, try pushing the black portion through sideways.

To remove a Jibbitz charm, push it firmly from the inside of the shoe, in the reverse of the way it was inserted. Do not try to pull on the top of the charm from the outside or it may break the charm.


Jibbitz may also be used to decorate other Crocs products, such as specially made backpacks, flaps and cell phone holders.


Jibbitz are small objects and therefore pose a choking hazard to small children.


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