How to Replace Headlight in Previa 95

Replacing the headlights in your 1995 Toyota Previa requires access to the engine compartment of the car. The Previa uses a 9003 halogen bulb that mounts in a composite headlight assembly. A 55 watt low beam and 100 watt high beams, make these more than adequate to light up the road in almost any condition. If one bulb fails, changing it quickly is important. Should the other fail before you change the first one, you will not be able to drive after dark.

Open the bonnet of your Previa and locate the electrical connector at the rear centre of the headlight assembly. Raise the locking tab on the connector and then pull the connector straight off the headlight bulb.

Locate the locking ring on the back of the assembly that encircles the bulb. Turn the ring counterclockwise and then remove it from the assembly. Slide the bulb out of the headlight assembly and discard it.

Position a new 9003 halogen bulb into the headlight assembly, being careful not to touch the glass portion of the bulb with your hands, and then install the locking ring over the rear of the bulb and onto the headlight assembly. Turn the locking ring clockwise to lock the bulb in place.

Push the electrical connector onto the rear of the new bulb, making sure that the locking tab snaps in place. Move to the opposite side of the car and repeat the process to change the second headlight bulb.


Never handle any halogen bulb by the glass section of it. The oil from your hands will cause the bulb to overheat and the glass will shatter.

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