How to Remove the Startup Sound on an LG Phone

Updated July 20, 2017

LG cell phones come with start-up sounds that are automatically set to go off when you power on your phone. You may not want to listen to that sound every time you turn on your phone or you may simply prefer to have a silent start-up. Turning off all sounds or setting the phone to vibrate is one way to deal with the issue. The other is to go into the LG phone settings and turn off the start-up sound. This tackles the problem without affecting the other sound settings on your phone.

Turn the phone on by holding down the power button. You should hear the start-up sound as the phone powers on. The sound will vary depending on the particular phone and carrier.

Open the phone's main menu. The menu is accessible from the main screen on the phone. Accessing it may involve pushing down a central button in the navigation pad or highlighting the word "Menu" and selecting it. Touch the menu button if you have an LG phone with a touchscreen.

Scroll down to an option that says "Settings & Tools" or just "Settings." Highlight this and click the selection key on the keypad or touch the setting option with your finger if you have a touchscreen LG phone.

Look for an option for "Sounds Settings." Select this with the keypad or touch it to access the sound options.

Select the "Power On/Off" option. The next screen will let you choose between "Power On" and "Power Off." Choose "Power On." The Power On option will be set to "On." Set it to "Off" by selecting the off option with your keypad or touching the screen until it reads "Off." Select "OK" or "Set" to save your new setting. Test the change by turning off your phone and turning it on again.


The steps for turning off an LG phone start-up sound may vary slightly depending on the model of the phone and the carrier.

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