How to Tell When a Creative Zen Stone Is Finished Charging

Written by art corvelay | 13/05/2017
How to Tell When a Creative Zen Stone Is Finished Charging
There are a few indicators that your Creative Zen Stone is finished charging. (mp3 player image by patrimonio designs from

Creative is a company that produces a line of MP3 players called the Creative Zen Stone. There are different models of Creative Zen Stone MP3 players, but all have the same battery icon. If you are having trouble determining whether your Creative Zen is fully charged, there are two distinct indicators that you can look for.

Plug your Creative Zen into the power source that came with your Creative Zen Stone player. Allow the player to begin charging.

Make sure the battery is charging by looking at the battery icon on the corner of your Creative Zen Stone. You should see a battery with a lightening bolt through it while the battery charges.

Wait and look for the LED on your Creative Zen Stone to change from a steady light to a blinking light. This is one indication that your battery is fully charged.

Look at your battery icon again once the LED light begins blinking. The icon should have changed to a battery with a power plug inside of it.

Unplug the Creative Zen Stone and look at the battery icon again. It should have three full bars filling the inside of the icon. Your Creative Zen Stone is finished charging.

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