How to Make a Halter Vest

Updated April 17, 2017

As the world of fashion is continually changing, today it is fashionable to recycle. Taking old clothes and making them new is both environmentally and wallet friendly. Vests are items that no woman's wardrobe should be without, and a halter-style vest is both simple to make and stylish. Try making this no-sew vest to add to your leisure wear.

Cut the sleeves off your T-shirt with scissors, on the inside of the shoulder seam, and cut the collar off on the inside of the collar seam.

Turn your T-shirt face down, and use a ruler to draw a line from the bottom of one arm hole, straight across to the bottom of the other arm hole.

Cut along the line from one arm hole to the other.

Put your T-shirt on.

Face a mirror, and using a marker, draw your desired neckline directly onto the shirt.

Using your non-dominant hand, gather excess fabric around your midsection, and mark with the marker on either side of the excess.

Take your T-shirt off.

Cut out the neckline that you have drawn onto the fabric.

Trim fabric around the back of the neckline to suit your tastes.

Draw two straight lines vertically down your shirt, using the two excess marks as markers for where those lines should be drawn.

Cut along those two lines.

Cut four small holes down each side of your vest, along the two cuts, directly across from each other, about 2 inches from each edge. The holes should be 3 inches apart, vertically.

Cut out four strips 1 inch wide and 6 inches long from the excess fabric you cut away from the vest; strips should be .

Thread the fabric strips through the vest holes on either side of the vest, one strip per pair of holes, and tie the strips into knots, closing the front of the vest.


The more excess fabric you cut out of your original T-shirt middle, the tighter your vest will fit as a finished product.

Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt
  • Mirror
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
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