How to Repair Scuffs on Leather Furniture With a Balm

Updated November 22, 2016

Even the finest leather furniture is subject to minor surface scratches and scuffs. You can repair this type of light damage with leather recoloring balm. Many leather furniture recoloring balm kits come in a variety of shades, so you can mix it to match the particular colour of your damaged leather piece. Not only are these kits great for repairing scuffs and scratches, but they also work great for rejuvenating faded leather furniture.

Trim loose fibres with a pair of sharp scissors. Sometimes when you scuff leather furniture, it raises loose fibres, depending on the severity of the scuff.

Clean the scuffed area. You need to clean the area in order for the recoloring balm to work properly. Use a high-quality leather cleaner and clean, soft cloth. Apply according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Apply leather recoloring balm to the scuffed area by working it in a circular motion with a clean, soft cloth.

Wipe away any excess balm from the areas on and around the scuff mark with a clean, soft cloth.

Buff the area in a circular motion with a clean chamois until the area reaches the desired sheen. The dye in leather recoloring balms will not set into the leather until you buff it.


To avoid scuffs in the future, clean and condition your leather furniture at least once a month, and try to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.


Never repair scuffs on leather furniture with balm if the scuff is darker than the colour of the leather. Balm will not fix this type of scuff. Leather balm only fixes scuffs that are lighter than the original colour of the leather.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Leather cleaner
  • Clean cloths
  • Leather recoloring balm
  • Chamois
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