How to Add Images to an OpenOffice Database

Updated July 20, 2017

You need to create a database to store pictures of items and track assets. You need it quickly and you have a small budget for the project. has all the tools and data formats necessary to create an asset or inventory database where you can store text, numerical, Boolean, date/time and image data types. It also includes text, spreadsheet, presentation drawing and formula creation tools. Best of all, it does all of this for free.

Open OpenOffice. Click on the image beside “Database” in the “Welcome” window.

Select “Open an existing database file” from the Database Wizard. Click the “Open” button. Highlight the database file you want to open. Click the “Open” button in the “Open” window.

Click on the “Tables” icon in the “Database” pane. Right-click on the table name where you want to store the image. Select “Edit” from the menu.

Click in the first blank field under “Field Name.” Type a name for the picture field. Select “Image [LONGVARBINARY]” from the drop-down box under “Field Type.” Click “File” and “Save.” Click the “X” in the upper-right corner to close the table.

Select “Forms” from the “Database” pane. Click on “Use Wizard to Create Form” in the “Tasks” pane.

Select the table from Step 3 from the “Tables or queries” drop-down box. Click the “>>” button to move all of the fields into the form. You may notice that the field you created in Step 4 is missing. You’ll add it in Step 10.

Click “Next.” Click “Next” in the “Subform” window. Select an arrangement for the main form. Click “Next.” Select “This form is to display all data.” Click “Next.”

Select a style colour and “Field border” for the form. Click “Next.” Type a name for the form. Select the radial button beside “Modify the form.” Click “Finish.”

Click on “View” in the menu. Select “Toolbars” and put a check next to “Form Design.” Select the “Form Navigator” icon from the “Form Design” toolbar. Click on “MainForm” in the “Form Navigator” window.

Click on “Add Field” in the “Form Design” toolbar. Click and drag the field for the image from the “Add field” table to the form. Save the form.

Double-click the form to open it. Right-click and hold the mouse button on the image field. Select “Insert Graphics from.” Release the mouse button.

Highlight the image file. Click the “Open” button. Click the “Next Record” button on the “Navigation bar.”

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