How to add Additional Living Space to a Travel Trailer

Updated March 23, 2017

While some people opt to stay in hotels while travelling, others bring their lodging accommodations with them by pulling a travel trailer with their vehicle. There are many benefits to using a travel trailer including the fact that individuals can feel at home in their own space even when they are on the road. The lack of roominess can be a drawback to a travel trailer, but this can be resolved if you know how to add additional living space.

Create an outdoor living space that you can use when you're camping or stopped for the night. Attach a rolled-up canopy to one side of your travel trailer, and unroll it when you are parked. Purchase lawn chairs, a grill and other outdoor entertainment items you need to enhance this space. When travelling, store the lawn chairs in the storage space below your trailer while strapping your grill to the back of the trailer or inside the bed of your pickup.

Lift the bed. Create a loft bed if possible by building a wood platform to supports the bed and raise it up off the floor. This gives you additional living space to put a couch, chairs or a desk below it. If the dimensions of your travel trailer make it impossible to create a loft bed, make a shortened platform that lifts the bed off the ground slightly. This creates an additional storage area which can free up other portions of the trailer. If you have a queen-size bed in your travel trailer but can get by with a smaller bed, replace it with a full or twin-sized bed to create additional room.

Dump excess furniture. Take out any furniture currently in your travel trailer that you don't use. For example, many travel trailers come with a booth or table that you can sit at to eat meals. If you don't use it consistently, consider taking it out to make additional living space. Replace the removed item with furniture you would use, or leave it empty.

Utilise storage. Put as much stuff away in the provided storage areas as possible. If you need to purchase additional storage totes, place items that are non-breakable in them. This would include items such as blankets or books. Use the storage totes as extra places to sit as well.

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