How to Change Codes on a Panasonic DVD

Written by jason candanedo | 13/05/2017
How to Change Codes on a Panasonic DVD
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DVD players are made with codes, known as "region codes." These codes prevent the DVD machine from recognising and playing DVDs from a different region code area. There are currently nine region codes. For example, the United States is region 1 and England is in region 2. But you can unlock and change the region codes in your Panasonic DVD player so you can enjoy a DVD from any region in the world.

Turn on your computer and log onto the Internet.

Log onto This site offers hacks for DVD players that will change the codes on your Panasonic DVD player, making it region free.

Input your Panasonic's model number plus brand name into the web site's search engine. Instructions on how to change codes will appear.

Print out the instructions.

Turn on your Panasonic DVD player, open the disc tray and leave it open. Usually, these hacks require you to keep the tray open as you input the code.

Use the Panasonic DVD player's remote control to enter the hack codes according to the instructions you printed out. Program the Panasonic DVD player to either region code "0" or "All."

Test the DVD player by inserting a DVD from a foreign number region into the player. The movie should play.

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