How to Fix a Dripping Guinea Pig Water Bottle

Updated May 22, 2018

Guinea pig water bottles are one of the most fuss-free pet accessories around. You simply fill the bottle with water, screw on the lid, hang the bottle in the cage and you have fresh water for your guinea pig for two or three days. Sometimes, though, the simple bottle starts to leak, and you have to replace the bedding in the cage. Fixing the leak is usually a very simple process, so before you purchase a new bottle, try repairing it instead.

Remove the water bottle from the cage by releasing the wire holder and slipping the bottle up and out.

Turn the bottle so that the glass part is on the table and the water tube is on the top. Grasp the base of the water tube and turn it to the left to loosen the seal. Continue turning to the left until the tube and base are removed from the bottle.

Push the tube into the base. The tube will come out along with a rubber O-ring that seals the gap between the tube and the base.

Inspect the O-ring. If there are any cracks or chips from the edge, replace it with a new O-ring from the hardware store.

Use a soft cloth to wipe the inside of the base and the outside threads of the bottle. Make sure that there is no debris from the cage inside the threads or base.

Place the O-ring inside the tube base. Make sure that it is flat and tight against the bottom of the base.

Push the tube through the hole in the O-ring and base. Push the tube all the way through until the base is seated directly against the O-ring.

Fill the bottle with clean water completely to the top. Set the base on the neck of the bottle and turn to the right until the base is tightly sealed against the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and place it back in the wire holder.


If the hardware store doesn't have the correct size O-ring, you may be able to find it in a pet supply store. Make sure that the bottle is completely filled. This helps to create an airtight seal when you first turn it over.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber O-ring
  • Soft cloth
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