How to Turn on Wi-Fi on a Dell Latitude D510

Updated February 21, 2017

The Dell Latitude 5150 is a fully featured laptop computer complete with an internal wireless card. This wireless card makes it easy to access both public and private Wi-Fi networks. However, in order to access any wireless networks, you will need to enable your wireless card.

Turn on your laptop computer and log in to your Windows account. Wait for your home screen to load.

Flip the wireless switch on the left side of the computer to the middle position, underneath the straight line icon. An indicator light next to the switch should flicker when the wireless card is enabled.

Go to the Start menu and select "Connect to" and then "Wireless Internet Connection." A new window will pop up.

Highlight the Wi-Fi connection you want and press "Connect" to connect to the network.


If you cannot locate a Wi-Fi signal, try moving closer to the source or contacting the network's administrator.

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