How to Make a Cross Using Beads

Updated April 17, 2017

Making bead crafts is an inexpensive way to make your own personalised jewellery and accessories. The greatest thing about beads is that every type of bead showcases different colours, personalities and shapes. Making crosses using beads will prove to be rewarding. You can hang beaded crosses as ornaments or attach them to lamp shades and key chains. You can make them in any colour and in different sizes. Crosses made with wire and beads are durable.

Gather your materials. Choose both the beads out of which you would like to make the cross and the craft wire you would like to use. Make sure you don't select wire that will not fit into the bead hole. Have all the supplies you need an arm's length away from you.

Take your scissors and cut two strands of wire. One strand of wire should be about 3 inches long and the other strand should be about 4 inches. Straighten both wire strands as much as possible. Set the shortest strand down.

Pick up the 4-inch strand and loop the end of it one time around a pencil. Remove the pencil and note that the end is now circular. Take one bead and string it from the opposite straight end. Let the bead lightly fall into the curved area. Grasp this area with your fingers. Twist and wrap this bead once over itself. Now bead the rest of the strand until there isn't any more space to bead.

Remove the last bead on the end of the wire. There should be a little more added wire space exposed. Use your pliers and carefully wrap this last end over the final bead. Wrap it over the bead and tuck it into the hole of the bead. Then twist it one time around. Do this carefully because you don't want the wire to break.

Grab the 3-inch strand and repeat the same steps. Loop one end with a pencil and secure a bead around it. Begin beading. Leave about a 1/2-inch gap in the centre and finish the beading the same as you did the other strand. Secure by removing the final bead. Wrap the extended wire to the last remaining bead. Tuck in the wire and twist once.

Situate the gap on the shorter wire so it is centred on the wire. Lay it horizontally and flat on the table. Take the longer beaded wire and place it vertically over the horizontally placed strand. Position the intersection about 1 inch below the top of the cross. Pick up the two beaded wire strands firmly at the intersection. Be careful not to move the positioning.

Start wrapping the horizontal arms of the cross around the vertical strand. Do this by alternating the right side and the left side. Take the right side and fold it all the way to the left side. The bend should be sandwiched right over the wire. The left side should then fold all the way to the right side. Keep alternating with a tight grasp until the horizontal strand is perfectly infused with the vertical strand.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire
  • Beads
  • Scissors
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