How to Repair Micro Loops on Hair Extensions

Updated February 21, 2017

The micro-ring looping technique is a natural-looking way to apply hair extensions. A micro-ring is a tiny bead that can be purchased in virtually any colour to match the client’s hair. This bead is threaded through a section of the client’s natural hair and the extension tip, then clamped into place using beading pliers made especially for hair extension application and removal. In some situations, micro-rings need to be repaired using these pliers. Micro-rings can slide down the hair shaft if not properly tightened, or be applied too closely to the client’s head. Both of these can cause discomfort and look unnatural.

Locate the extension that needs to be repaired. Do this by pulling the rest of the hair up and away from the area and securing it with a hair clip.

Determine the type of repair. Micro-rings that have been applied too closely to the client’s head will pop out, giving the extension an unnatural look. Other times, micro-rings can slip down the hair shaft or move too far away from the head due to natural hair growth.

Hold the beaded section of hair and the attached extension in one hand and turn the flattened bead on its side.

Clamp the pliers onto the top and bottom of the turned-over bead and apply pressure. This will open the micro-ring and release the extension and natural hair.

Pull the extension tip out from the bead. With the pliers, pull the micro-ring further away or closer to the scalp. Make sure the bead sits at about a quarter-inch from the root.

Thread the extension tip back through the bead and clamp the bead closed with the pliers. Make sure the bead lies flat against the client’s head.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair clip
  • Extension beading pliers
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