How to Set a Prius Alarm

Updated April 17, 2017

The Prius alarm, or theft deterrent, system is an added option or accessory and not standard on all Prius cars. The alarm system takes less than a minute to set and activate, and is triggered any time a locked door is opened or unlocked from the inside or outside of the car. All Prius wireless remote controls come standard with a panic device that triggers an alarm and flashing lights for 60 seconds from outside the vehicle.

Check that no one is inside the car and that all windows are closed before setting the alarm. This will prevent triggering the theft deterrent system unexpectedly.

Close the doors, the bonnet and lock all the doors; the theft deterrent system will set automatically after 30 seconds. Watch the alarm system indicator light on the dashboard change to a flashing light, which indicates the theft deterrent system is set and working.

Deactivate or stop the alarm by unlocking the doors with the wireless remote or the mechanical key, or start the Prius’ hybrid system by pushing the “Power” button on the dash. The alarm will deactivate or stop after a few seconds.

Press the button with the loudspeaker icon for more than one second on the wireless remote control to activate the panic alarm outside the vehicle. Stop the panic alarm by pushing any button on the wireless remote.


The panic alarm is useful for situations where you see someone trying to break into the car or you need emergency assistance.


Do not set the Prius theft deterrent system with children in the car as the alarm will sound when the door is opened from the inside.

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