How to Scan a Satellite Receiver for Channels

Updated February 21, 2017

A satellite television receiver is the device that translates the signal coming in from the satellite so you can watch it on your television. Every piece of audio and video received by your satellite goes to your receiver. To be able to watch the right channels on your television, you need to learn how to scan a satellite receiver for channels. This allows your satellite receiver to determine the channels available in your package so they properly display on your television set.

Turn on your television and your satellite receiver.

Use the satellite remote to access your satellite menu by pressing the "Menu" button one time.

Click on "System Setup", and then select the "Local Channels" tab.

Choose the "Scan" option to scan for local channels. Local channels are the main channels broadcast in your area. Usually, these channels represent television affiliates like NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and FOX.

Look to make sure all of the local channels in your area display in the on-screen guide. If not, you may need to adjust your antenna to receive a stronger signal from those channels.

Consult your satellite bill to see a list of all the channels available in the package you purchased from the satellite company. The satellite company automatically programs your satellite receiver to scan and receive these channels, meaning you don't have to scan your receiver for satellite channels. However, you can adjust your on-screen guide options to customize your channel list.

Control the channels that you can scan through in your on-screen guide by hitting the Guide button on your DISH Network remote. Hit Guide once to display all channels; hit Guide twice to display only the channels you subscribe to; and hit Guide three times to display only channels broadcast in High Definition (if you subscribe to the HD package).

Hit Guide twice on your DIRECTV remote and select from the tab options to customize the channels you wish to see on your on-screen guide.

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite receiver
  • Satellite remote control
  • Television
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