How to Connect a Motorola N136 Bluetooth

Updated March 23, 2017

Bluetooth headsets help reduce the danger of using cell phones by allowing you to talk hands-free while driving or doing other tasks. In addition to manufacturing cell phones, Motorola makes Bluetooth headsets, including the N136 and the HS850, which are largely interchangeable and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Charge the headset completely before pairing it to a phone.

Press and hold the large button on the outside of the headset until the Motorola “M” light comes on.

Flip open the microphone if it is not open already. The microphone is folded into the earpiece and must be manually flipped outward.

Set your phone to “Discovery” or “Pairing” mode from your specific phone’s Bluetooth options. The phone will scan for devices that are also set in “Pairing” mode.

Accept the connection with the headset. The phone will show the name of the headset on the phone.

Enter the passcode for the headset. The headset’s default passcode is “0000.”

Check the headset. The light on the outside of the headset will flash to show that the headset was successfully paired to the phone.

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