How to replace hurricane glass for candles

Hurricane glass candle holders protect the candle flame from drafts, increase fire safety and reduce the risk for candle wax dripping onto surfaces. Most of the time, hurricane glass requires little care beyond dusting and occasional washing. If the hurricane glass breaks or gets chipped or cracked, it is time to find a replacement. The challenge in replacing hurricane glass for a candle holder comes in getting the correct fit. With a plan, anyone can locate the correct replacement glass for a hurricane candle holder.

Measure the base of the hurricane shade that needs to be replaced. Measure across the centre, from one outside edge to the other. Take the measurement a second time. For hurricane glass candle holders that have a socket the glass fits into, the fit has to be accurate.

The Silver and Brass Traditions website warns that a difference as small as 1/8 inch will prevent the glass from fitting. Common sizes include 1 3/8 inch, 1 5/8 inch, 1 3/4 inch, 2 3/4 inch, 3 1/2 inch and 4 5/8 inch. If the hurricane glass shade is missing or is too broken to measure, ask a salesperson or supplier for assistance in selecting the correct size.

Shop for a glass that will fit. When shopping in person, take the candle holder with you to try the replacement glass in it. Large hardware stores, home improvement stores, lighting stores and shops specialising in home decorating accessories sometimes carry hurricane replacement glass. If the glass is missing, purchasing the replacement hurricane glass in person assures getting the correct fit.

Select details for the hurricane replacement glass if there's a selection, for example, etched, clear, frosted, crackled, fluted edge and colour.

Order a replacement glass if no stores in your area carry hurricane replacement glass for candle holders. To locate online suppliers, enter "hurricane replacement glass for candle holder" in the search engine or shopping website. This will save time by limiting results to hurricane replacement glass made for candle holders rather than those designed for lamps.

Rinse the replacement hurricane glass and dry with a lint-free cloth such as an eyeglass wipe or microfiber cloth. Use a dishcloth or cloth napkin to place the new hurricane glass in the candle holder base to avoid fingerprints on the glass.


Use white vinegar in water for an inexpensive, chemical-free glass cleaner to remove fingerprints. Buy or order an extra replacement hurricane glass.


Some mail order or online replacement glass retailers charge a restocking fee for returned products, and there is usually no refund on return postage. Ask any questions about size and fit before placing the order. Even with a hurricane shade, never leave candles burning without supervision, and keep away from curtains and other flammable household goods. Keep hurricane candle holders out of reach of children and pets. Straighten and trim wicks before lighting if needed to reduce risk of the glass breaking from the flame getting too close to the hurricane glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Hurricane glass to be replaced (if available)
  • Candle holder base
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