How to Add Another Cable for Satellite TV

Updated February 21, 2017

A splitter allows you to take one signal and split it off so you can send it to multiple television sets. If you have satellite television in your home and you want to add another cable for an additional satellite signal, you can do this by adding a splitter to your line. Once you add the splitter, it’s easy to add another satellite TV cable, allowing you to watch satellite TV on an additional television set.

Locate the cable plugged into the “CH 21-69 OUT” on the back of your satellite receiver. The cable should run from the back of your receiver to a television that receives a satellite signal.

Unplug the cable from the television it runs to. Instead, plug the other end of that cable into a splitter. The cable screws onto the “Input” barrel so it stays secure.

Plug two cables into the “Output” of your splitter. These cables screw onto the barrel to remain secure.

Run one cable back to the television you unplugged previously. Connect it to the television’s “TV IN” input connector. The second cable can run to the room where you want to add satellite TV. That cable will also plug into that television set’s “TV IN” input.


Both televisions connected to satellite off the same channel on the receiver will share a satellite picture. You are able to watch satellite TV on both television sets as long as you watch the same channel.

Things You'll Need

  • Splitter
  • Coaxial cable
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