How to Make Stencils in Word

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft Word is the word processing program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products. Many people use Word for simple tasks, such as typing letters, without ever realising the design potential of the product. If you want to create your own stencils, you can use Word's extensive range of fonts to create custom stencils. Creating your stencils in Word is easy to do and will keep you from needing to ever purchase stencils from the store again.

Open Microsoft Word and go to the drop-down font menu to select the font style of your stencils. Select the font you want to use, then go to the "Insert" menu and select the WordArt option in Word.

Click the WordArt button to open the WordArt dialogue box. Type the letter or words you want to make a stencil of, then select the basic WordArt shape you want to use for your stencils. Once you've selected your basic WordArt shape, use the WordArt toolbar to choose the colour and shading for your stencils.

Go to the "Insert" menu and select the "Picture" option if you want to use an image as a stencil. Click the image you want to open. On the picture toolbar, select the black and white colour option. Adjust the brightness and contrast on the picture toolbar until you have an image you can see well enough to cut out.

Choose the ruler option from the "View" menu to use the horizontal and vertical rulers to measure your letters. This will allow you to make sure each letter is sized to match. Click your WordArt object with your mouse to select it, then drag the selection all around until you have sized and shaped it to your preference.

Print your stencils on paper, then trace them onto a firmer material such as cardboard. Use a box cutter to cut around the outline of your stencils.


To make creating stencils even easier, consider downloading one of the many free stencil fonts available on the internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Cardboard
  • Box cutter
  • Image
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