How to Remove Jagged Edges in Photoshop Elements 2

Updated July 20, 2017

When working with photos and graphics, jagged edges are a common problem. Jagged edges are caused by image over-compression, over-sharpening and other factors. Text can appear jagged without the smoothing effect of anti-aliasing. Jagged edges can also appear when separating a visual element from its background. One of Adobe Photoshop’s defining characteristics is its flexibility. You can use a variety of techniques to achieve one goal. Easily remove jagged edges in Photoshop Elements 2 with Blur and Feathering techniques, which are ideal for line art or photographs.

Open Photoshop Elements 2 and open the image file you want to fix. Open the Layers palette, right-click on your image and choose “Duplicate Layer.” Click on the duplicate layer to make it active.

Click on the Lasso tool and select “Magnetic Lasso Tool.” Use this tool to trace around the perimeter of the element you want to make smooth. Click the open square at the beginning of the selection when the open circle appears to close the selection.

Click on the Filter drop-down menu and select “Guassian Blur.” Adjust the slider to blend the edges to the degree of smoothness you'd like. Experiment with the slider to meet the needs of the image at hand.

Complete previous Steps 1 and 2 to duplicate then select and isolate the photographic element you want to smooth. Enlarge your photo past 200 per cent to make a precise selection if you are working with a smaller photograph.

Right-click inside your selection and select “Feather.” Set the Feather Radius between 1 and 3 pixels, and click “OK” to smooth the jagged edges around your selection. Right-click on the selection again and select “Later via Cut.”

Delete the two layers beneath the newly smoothed selection. Replace these layers with any background you'd like.


When working with the Magnetic Lasso tool and images with low resolutions, increase the “Frequency” number in the Magnetic Lasso toolbar to create a more precise selection. The Unsharp Mask technique is ideal for sharpening logos and line art containing solid colours. Some images are so jagged or distorted they cannot be smoothed easily. Size these images down before altering them to make the jagged edges smoother.


Saving frequently is a helpful habit. Do this to avoid losing progress if the program shuts down or you lose power.

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