How to Make Shoes Fit That Are Too Large

Updated March 23, 2017

Some shoes do not come in half-sizes, so you may face a dilemma when a shoe is a little too large. An ill-fitting shoe can cause posture and foot issues, but if it is an attractive shoe that you just have to have, you may be able to make it fit more comfortably. The key is to get your heel to touch as snugly as possible to the back of the shoe without making your toes uncomfortable.

Insert a gel or fabric heel pad or grip to the back inside heel of both shoes. Position the pad as close to the top of the inside heel as possible without it being visible.

Apply a small insole pad to the inside front of the shoe. These are shaped like small ovals. Insert another one over that pad, only this time place it about an inch farther back.

Apply a set of gel heel pads to the upper inside front of each shoe. This will protect and cushion your toes and reduce the extra space in your shoe.


Wear extra-thick socks to make up for the extra space if you are wearing sneakers or boots. Try to position the pads in the same place in both shoes so that your feet will feel the same while you're walking.


If the shoes are more than a size too large, go with another pair.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoe insert pads
  • Heel grip pads
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