How to Crochet Hair Extensions

Updated April 17, 2017

The crochet method of hair braiding is a fast and easy way to wear hair extensions. It is less time-consuming than traditional methods of hair braiding and also less costly. This method of attaching hair extensions has been around for a long time, quite popular among many African-American women. Crochet hair extensions are simple to manage and maintain. You can pay for the services of a professional hair stylist to attach the extensions or you can do it yourself by following these simple steps.

Purchase a latch hook or latch hook crochet needle and packaged braiding hair extensions or loose bulk hair extensions. You can purchase a latch hook from a craft supply store or online at

Wash your hair, dry, condition and moisturise before starting the crochet braiding process.

Cornrow your hair from the hairline to the back of your head in rows. Do between eight and 14 cornrow braids; this also depends on the size of your head. Use more rows if necessary.

Plait the ends of the braids together on one side at the nape of the neck.

Choose to start attaching the extensions to a cornrow from the back or work from the hairline.

Take the hair using your thumb and index fingers, pinching several strands from the bulk hair, or if you are using hair that comes in individual pieces take a piece and fold it in half so that it forms a loop.

Place the latch hook under the first cornrow. Ensure it goes through the cornrow braid so you can see the hook.

Hook the hair extension piece in the latch hook.

Pull the latch hook back under the cornrow this makes a loop of the hair.Place the ends of the hair through the loop to form a knot. Ensure you knot the hair twice at the top of the cornrow braid to secure the hair extension.

Place each hair extension close to the other to avoid sparse spaces on the head.

Repeat this process on each cornrow braid until the entire head is full of hair.

Trim or cut the extensions to achieve the desired length.

Things You'll Need

  • Latch hook or latch hook crochet needle
  • Braiding hair extensions or loose bulk hair
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