How to Repair Pearl Jewelry

Most people leave heirloom, antique or favourite pearl jewellery sitting in a box for years and never wear it because it needs simple repair work like replacing a broken clasp or restringing the pearls. You can proudly wear these pearl pieces again by replacing the broken clasp or restringing the pearls yourself. Be sure to work in an area that has natural lighting and allows you to organise any small pieces you might need to remove.

Cut the knot off the thread between the broken clasp and closest pearl. Remove the pearl and tie a double knot in the end of thread where the new clasp will be attached. Use a knotting tool to help tie a tight double knot.

Insert the thread through a crimp bead. Wrap the exposed thread twice around a jump ring and fold the ends back through the crimp bead. Tighten the crimp bead with the crimping pliers. Cut off excess thread close to the crimp bead. Fray the end slightly and apply a drop of super glue to each end.

Open the jump ring and insert the end of the clasp through the jump ring. Close the jump ring with the chain nose pliers. Be sure it closes tightly as loose jump rings can cause pearls to come loose.

Wear your pearl necklace again.

Cut the string and remove the clasp and pearls. Keep all the pearls in order. You might want to lay them out on your surface in the order which they need to be strung.

Cut a 10-inch piece of thread and pull it apart into four pieces. Thread one piece through the beading needle. Pull both ends together and tie in a knot, creating a loop.

Cut another piece of thread three to four times larger than the length of the necklace, allowing enough length for the knotting process.

Fold the long piece of string the pearls will be placed on in half and string one of the halves through the string loop you made with the needle.

Insert the threaded needle through the hole in the clasp and pull through, then insert the needle back through the clasp hole to attach the clasp to the string. Tie a double knot in the thread next to the clasp using the knotting tool. Trim extra thread and apply a small amount of super glue to the end.

Work in reverse by inserting the needle into the hole of the last pearl that was removed from the necklace. The bead threading needle is small enough to fit through the holes in the pearl. Slide the pearl down the thread. Tie the thread using the knotting tool to keep the knots evenly spaced. Insert the other pearls using the same method, and tie a knot after each pearl to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

Insert a crimping bead through the needle and wrap the string around a jump ring twice. Fold the necklace string back into the crimping bead. Tighten the bead with the crimping pliers. Tie a tight knot close to the crimping bead and cut the excess string off. Slightly fray the very short cut end and apply a bead of super glue to each of the ends.

Wear the string of pearls as you normally would.

Things You'll Need

  • Knotting tool
  • Crimp bead connect
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Super glue
  • Crimp bead
  • Crimping pliers
  • Jump ring
  • Beading needle
  • Beading thread
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