How to Recover Deleted Text Messages From a SIM Card

Text messaging has become a standard feature on every cell phone. Text messages allow us to conveniently communicate with others without having to dial a phone number or allow the contact to hear our voice. Unfortunately, due to the phone's features or our own mistake, we may delete text messages only to realise later that we actually need the text. You have options if you would like to retrieve deleted text messages from your SIM card.

Purchase a memory card reader. A memory card reader reads and transfers the data from various memory cards. You can purchase a memory card from your local office supply store. Make sure that the memory card reader specifically states that it reads SIM cards.

Purchase SIM card retrieval software. Sim card retrieval software allows you to access your SIM card data from a memory card reader. You can edit, save, delete or retrieve information from your SIM card. You can obtain free or paid SIM card editing software online.

Connect your memory card reader to your computer via USB. Reboot your computer. Though most computers have plug-and-play technology, rebooting the computer will allow your memory card reader to operate efficiently and ensures the computer configures itself to work with the reader.

Remove the SIM card from your phone and insert it into your reader. Your SIM card is usually located in the back of the phone behind the battery. Remove the back case and battery from your phone and you will see a SIM card enclosed. Remove carefully to prevent damage.

Execute your SIM card software. All SIM card editing software is different. Look within your file or options menu and select the “import” option to receive information from your SIM card.

Click on one of the icons or select the option within your file menu to retrieve SMS messages. The software will attempt to access your SIM card to retrieve current information stored on it.

Select the option that allows you to retrieve deleted text messages. The SIM card editing software will either have an icon to retrieve deleted texts or the option may be within your file menu. Your deleted text messages should appear.


Depending on how often you text you may have a lot of text to sift through. Most SIM retrieval software allows you to sort your text messages and contacts for easier location of your deleted text.

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