How to Transfer Pictures from an iPhone to a Computer

Updated April 17, 2017

You may find that you using your iPhone more and more in place of your digital camera--taking photos and uploading them to Flickr and Facebook, or sending them as e-mail attachments. Photos tend to hog your phone's memory, though, and eventually you won't have room on your phone for new pictures. The good news is that you can transfer your pictures from your iPhone to your computer.

Connect your iPhone to your computer. iPhoto will automatically open and display the photos on your iPhone.

Highlight the photos that you want to transfer to your computer.

Click "Import."

Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Click the "Start" button.

Select "All Programs."

Click on "Accessories."

Select "Scanner and Camera Wizard." You will be prompted to select your device.

Click on the iPhone icon and then click "OK."

Select "Next." The Wizard will guide you through the import process.

Connect your iPhone to your computer. An AutoPlay pop-up box will appear.

Click on the "Import Pictures" icon.

Select "Always do this for this device" if you want to automatically import your photos every time you connect your phone to your computer.

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