How to reset a diamond into a platinum engagement ring

Updated February 21, 2017

Resetting a diamond into a platinum engagement ring requires the assistance of a professional jeweller, as platinum is a soft and expensive metal that is less durable than gold or silver and risks scratching or bending if reset by a novice. Likewise, a diamond can chip or scratch, creating an imperfection and reducing the value of the stone.

Search, online or by asking friends, for local jewellers who have diamond resetting experience. Find two to three reputable jewellers. Schedule an appointment with each jeweller to discuss resetting a diamond into a platinum engagement ring.

Get a gemological report from an accredited laboratory detailing the Four Cs of diamonds (cut, colour, clarity and carat), and providing the dimensions and physical characteristics, such as flaws or inclusions, of the diamond you wish to reset.

Bring the diamond into multiple well-referred jewellers. Ask the following questions:

1.) Does the resetting occur on-site or off-site? 2.) Is the diamond insured for theft or damage while in the jeweller's care? 3.) What certification or experiences does the jeweller hold? 4.) Are there examples of previous resets performed by the jeweller? 5.) What is the price of resetting in platinum? 6.) What design ideas does the jeweller have or suggest?

Compare the responses. Choose the jeweller who seems most experienced, creative and able to meet your time and budget requirements.

Research the Four Cs on the Internet. List the ring-setting options that provide protection and accentuate the clarity and cut of the diamond, while adhering to the bride's fashion. Ask your jeweller for advice or suggestions regarding platinum bands and settings or gold and platinum combinations, which will reduce the cost and harden the platinum for durability.

Select a platinum setting, such as the prong or bezel settings for a solitaire diamond. Consider a cluster setting for multiple stones. Pick a setting that fortifies the stones to prevent them from loosening. Look through pictures of various settings. Decide on the thickness of the platinum band and ring design based on your bride's style. Examine the diamond and setting upon the completion of the reset. Use a magnifying glass to verify the qualities listed on the lab report. Get the ring appraised. Insure the platinum engagement ring.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Diamond gemmology report
  • Jeweller
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