How to Adjust the Propane Tank Regulator on a Gas Grill

Updated February 21, 2017

A propane regulator is the most important part of a propane gas system. The regulator is not a gas flow valve, but rather it keeps the interior pressure of the propane at a safe operating level. Gas grills use low BTU single-stage regulators and are normally fixed in between the propane bottle and the grill. The grill regulators have a vent installed that helps to adjust pressure. The position of this vent is critical to the overall operation of the propane system. Adjusting the regulator to the correct position can be done with little difficulty when following the appropriate guidelines.

Turn the gas valve off completely on the top of the propane bottle. This will ensure proper safety.

Use a wrench to fit the hex on the regulator. All gas grills operate from a propane tank using a single-stage regulator. The regulator can only be adjusted to the appropriate position, or completely removed.

Turn the bolt until the regulator vent points at the ground. The regulator vent must be completely free from obstruction to operate properly. Having the regulator vent facing up can cause debris, or rainwater to settle inside the regulator vent.

Turn the gas flow back on and listen to the regulator. You should hear a light humming noise when the regulator is operating properly.


Only a licensed propane operator should adjust a regulator. If attempting to do this yourself, ensure proper safety and thoroughly read your propane bottle or regulator owner's manual for proper adjustment.

Things You'll Need

  • Crescent wrench
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