How to make your grey hair shine

Written by sara bailey | 13/05/2017
How to make your grey hair shine
Shining grey hair can help give you those years back. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Greying hair is more than sign of age or stress. It is a sign of wisdom, a sign of knowledge. If these qualities still cannot help you get over your greying hair, try making the most of it. Shiny, grey hair turns your otherwise flat grey into shining silver locks that are sure to get your attention.

Dampen your hair thoroughly with warm water in a sink, tub or while showering.

Apply a coin-sized amount of the shimmer/shine shampoo and conditioner to your hands and slowly work it into your hair, creating a soapy lather.

Rinse the product out of your hair with warm water until the shampoo and conditioner is completely removed from your hair.

Repeat this process once more with one difference. Leave the shampoo and conditioner on your hair for no less than five minutes.

Blow-dry or naturally dry your hair. Comb it out and this will provide the beautiful shine that you have been looking for.

Things you need

  • Shimmer/shine shampoo and conditioner

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