How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba VCR

Updated February 21, 2017

Though digital video recorders, DVD players and DVD recorders replaced VCRs as component devices most often found connected to televisions, there are still many households that use VCRs. Toshiba VCRs may not always work as intended, and the most common problems are picture quality and the timer recording function not operating. Troubleshoot your VCR and fix it as needed to resolve the problems.

Ensure that the power cord is fully plugged into a working electrical socket.

Check the component cable connection. The component cables plug into the "Video In" jacks on the back of the television, while the opposite ends are connected to the "Video Out" jacks on the Toshiba VCR.

Change the TV channel to "3" or "4," or change it to the correct video input channel. Refer to your television's instruction manual for information on the input channel for component devices.

Press the "TV/VCR" button to switch to VCR mode.

Use the "CH/TRK" buttons on the VCR remote control to adjust the tracking if there is distortion on the screen. If the distortion continues, clean the VCR heads with a cleaning tape, available at most chemists.

Ensure that a cassette tape is in the VCR and that the safety tab is not removed. When the tab is not present on the cassette, you cannot record. Cover the hole where the tab is with a piece of tape.

Check that the clock on the VCR is set properly. To set the clock, press the "PROG." button on the remote control and choose the "Preset" tab. Highlight "Clock Set" and press the "Enter" button. Select "Manu" for manual entry. Change the hours unit by pressing the "Play/x2" or "Stop" buttons. Highlight the minutes unit by pressing the "FF" button, and enter the minutes unit. Continue in this manner to set the date.

Press both "Timer" buttons on the VCR simultaneously to set the timer. If you only press the one "Timer" button, the timer recording feature will not work. The timer is set when "Timer" is displayed on the VCR display.

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