How to Identify a Real Cartier Watch

Updated March 23, 2017

From the middle of the 19th century, Cartier has distinguished itself as a luxury jeweller and supplier of royal jewels to courts throughout the world. Their high-quality and expensive pieces are coveted in each corner of the globe, and it comes as no surprise that the watches are often replicated and passed off as real. Due to the status of Cartier watches, many fakes are available both through online and street corner vendors. Thankfully, there are some tell tale signs to look for when you want to know if you're being sold the real deal. Knowing the differences between real and fake Cartier watches will save you both time and money.

Check for glue on the crown of the watch. The crown is the top rim of the watch and a fake will be glued in place. A bad fake will have traces of the glue that was used to attach it to the rest of the watch.

Turn the winder. If the winder doesn't turn smoothly or easily, then the mechanism is most likely fake.

Check the dial for any debris like hair or dirt. Some fakes have been known to have fingerprints, hair and visible dirt on the interior of the watch. Examine your watch carefully to make sure it is clean.

Make sure "Cartier" is spelt correctly. Many fake watches have the word "Cartier" misspelled; however, the logo is the same size and font of real watches. There also could be spelling errors on the packaging of the watch, so check for those, too. If the packaging is fake and has spelling errors, the watch inside is sure to be counterfeit.

Try to scratch the glass over the face. Cartier uses scratch resistant glass on their watches. If you can easily scratch it, it isn't real.

Check for the cabachon stone on the winder. A cabachon stone is essentially a circular stone that has been cut in half with the flat side attached to the jewellery, so the round side is visible. If there is no rounded stone on your winder, your watch isn't real.

Visit a Cartier retailer with the watch that may be a fake. A salesperson will be able to look at it, feel the weight of it and tell you if it is genuine.

Take the Cartier watch to a jeweller if you aren't near a Cartier retailer and have him remove the case back of the watch. The mechanism inside of the watch will have the Cartier insignia engraved on it; a fake most certainly will not.

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