How to Use Bluetooth to Connect a LCD Projector

Bluetooth technology provides a secure, wireless connection between computers, mobile devices and peripherals. New models of LCD projectors include built-in or USB accessories for Bluetooth connectivity that enable users to pair with the device and use the projector as an output device. While Bluetooth-enabled computers have drivers for a variety of devices installed, drivers for Bluetooth-enabled projectors and displays may not be included on the list of supported devices. Users can install the LCD projector drivers as a new device during the set-up process.

Turn the LCD projector on and connect the USB Bluetooth dongle or accessory, if applicable.

Launch the Bluetooth set-up assistant on the computer. On Windows computers, select "Bluetooth Devices" under the "Hardware and Sound" option in the Control Panel; on Macs, select "Bluetooth" under System Preferences in the dock or under the Apple logo (top menu bar).

Select the "Add" option (Windows) or "Set up Bluetooth device" (Mac) to launch a set-up assistant.

Uncap the lens cap on the projector and click the Bluetooth button on the LCD projector to make the device discoverable.

Click the "Next" or "Continue" button on the Bluetooth set-up assistant.

Select the type of device supported by the computer or select "Other device" if the projector isn't listed.

Insert the CD containing the hardware drivers when prompted and select the file to install the driver.

Click the projector from the list of discoverable Bluetooth devices.

Type the passkey or code for the projector (according to the manual) and press the "Enter" key.

Click the "OK" or "Close" button when the computer confirms the units are connected.


If you can't locate the passkey or code for the Bluetooth projector, the computer's Bluetooth Setup Assistant can generate a passkey that needs to be entered on the projector. Activate this option and use the projector's on-screen display controls to select the passkey sequence.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled computer
  • Projector bluetooth driver CD
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