How to Make a Skullcap

Updated April 17, 2017

Skullcaps are a typical fad within hip-hop culture as well as with bikers in motorcycle clubs. Also known as a doo rag, this style has been around for decades. Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and hard rock singer Bret Michaels have been wearing bandanna skullcaps since the 1980s, helping to popularise the look. Making a skullcap with a bandanna is very simple, and takes only one or two practice tries to perfect it.

Place a bandanna on a table or other flat surface. Match two diagonal corners of the material together and fold the bandanna over into a triangle.

Take the flat edge into your hands, toward you. Place the flat edge against your head.

Pull the two corners of the flat edge to the back of your head. Bring them down around the sides of your head and tie them at the back, at the base of your skull.


As an alternative, you can place the bandanna's flat edge at the back of your head, with the tapered ends at the front. Fold an upward flap between the corners at front and tie the ends, tucking them into the flap you created.

Things You'll Need

  • Bandanna
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