Native American headdress crafts

Updated June 13, 2017

Creating headdress crafts provides children with hours of play using their imagination and creativity. Kids enjoy pretending to be Native American warriors and chiefs and a headdress helps make this playtime come alive.You can create headdresses with construction paper leaves, artificial leaves or leaves collected from your own yard.

Single paper feather headdress

To make a single paper feather headdress, you will need construction paper, scissors, glue or a stapler and crayons or markers. Using any colour you wish, cut out two strips of paper from the length of construction paper to fit around your child's head. Glue or staple ends of strips together and trim off excess paper. Draw the outline of a long leaf on another piece of construction paper either freehand or by tracing a real leaf. Colour the leaf however you like and cut it out. Staple or glue the lower end of the leaf to the inside of the band.

Tall feather headdress

For this headdress project, you will need a piece of construction paper, crayons or markers, craft glue and 10 feathers of various lengths. Cut two long strips of construction paper 5 to 7.5 cm (2 to 3 inches) wide. Colour strips with designs, pictures or symbols as you wish. Measure the circumference of your child's head and glue the two ends of the strips of construction paper together after trimming off any excess paper. Line up your feathers on a table according to size. Place the two longest feathers in the front centre of the band and paste to the inside front of the band. Place the next two longest feathers on either side of the glued feathers and glue in place. Continue placing and gluing feathers until you use them all. Allow to dry completely before wearing.

Thanksgiving headdress

Create a band out of brown construction paper by cutting two long strips and pasting or stapling ends together to fit your child's head. Have your child draw shapes of leaves on orange, green, red, yellow and brown pieces of construction paper. Cut them out and glue to the back inside of the band. Glue artificial or real autumn leaves to other sections of the band and onto the construction paper leaves. Allow to dry completely before placing on your child's head.

Chief headdress

To make a realistic Native American chief headdress, you will need a piece of corrugated cardboard, several large feathers, string, markers, penne rigate pasta, a hole punch and craft glue. Cut a long strip of cardboard 35 cm (14 inches) long and 3.7 cm (1 1/2 inches) wide. Colour designs and symbols onto the strip with markers. Place a piece of pasta on the quill of each feather and insert into holes along the corrugated width of the cardboard. Place a small drop of craft glue around the inserted quill of each feather and allow to dry completely. Punch a hole on each end of the cardboard strip and pull a piece of string through each hole. Tie the pieces of string together to fit your child's head.

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