How to Make a Crow Animal Call

Updated February 21, 2017

Using a crow caller is one of the easiest ways to attract crows, either for hunting or birdwatching purposes. Although crows are not a common animal to hunt --- there are very few recipes that call for crow meat --- crows are a very annoying and destructive animal, and for these reasons, many people wish to remove crows from their property. If you are trying to call crows, you can use an electronic crow caller or a hand caller. Electronic crow callers are quite straightforward and involve pressing a button to play the desired crow sound, whereas hand calling is a more in-depth and accurate way to "talk" to crows.

Place the hand caller in between your thumb and your index finger, and wrap your remaining fingers around the call to produce a cup.

Blow into the caller using air brought up from your diaphragm. As you blow, clear your throat to produce a growl. This will make the crow call sound more realistic.

Move your cupped fingers up and down to regulate the amount of air being exhaled.

Practice calling until you are able to complete a few basic calls. Calls include the rally call, which is a crow's way of saying "come check this out!" This call is made by repeating "caw" several times in an enthusiastic manner. Another call that will help attract crows is the "look-here" call. This call is used sparingly to grab the attention of crows. To do this call, repeat "caw-aw" several times at a medium volume. When the crows approach, follow up this call with a few excited rally calls.

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  • Hand caller
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