How to Create a Click Track With Audacity

Updated July 20, 2017

Audacity is a sound editing program that is available for free online. It is relatively easy to use, and is a convenient way to modify soundtracks. Audacity has the ability to create a click track, which is an audio track that simulates a metronome, playing repeated clicks at regular time intervals. Creating a click track can be done by using a built-in option in Audacity under the "Generate" menu.

Launch Audacity and open a soundtrack, an existing Audacity project file or a new project file. Creating a click track to a soundtrack or an existing Audacity project file will add a new, separate audio track, and will not be overlapped to any of the existing audio tracks.

Click the "Generate" menu and click "Click Track." This will open an options window for creating a click track.

Indicate the tempo of the click track you wish to create. The unit of tempo is in beats per minute.

Indicate the beats per measure of the click track you wish to create. If the beats per measure is set at four, a high-pitched click will be played every four clicks to indicate the start of a measure. This closely resembles a metronome that can indicate measures.

Indicate the number of measures of the click track you wish to create.

Click "OK" and your click track will be added to the project file as a new audio track.


A click track can be used to estimate the tempo of a music file.

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