How to Remove Anchor Bolt Hardware

Updated April 17, 2017

Anchor bolts are commonly installed into surfaces in order to support objects of a weight that would otherwise cause damage to a surface. Surfaces that often use anchor bolts include brick, concrete, breeze block and drywall. Some heavy duty anchor bolts are designed so that they cannot be removed after installation without causing potentially serious damage to the surface.

Remove the screw from the anchor bolt.

Remove the anchor bolt housing, if possible. For some drywall anchor bolts, the housing can either be pushed through the wall, allowing it to fall inside the wall cavity, or it can be drilled out without causing significant damage to the drywall. Concrete anchor bolts often cannot be removed without damaging the concrete; however, the head of the anchor bolt can be cut off with a cut-off wheel so that the housing no longer protrudes beyond the surface of the concrete.

Fill in the remaining hole with spackle designed for the surface you wish to repair. Allow the spackle to dry, and then sand it down or paint over it to match the colour of the surrounding surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Power drill
  • Cut-off wheel
  • Screwdriver or wrench
  • Spackle
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