How to Adjust a Kitchen Lazy Susan Shelf

Written by john fechik
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Lazy susan shelves offer a convenient way to store items in your kitchen cupboard. Most designs have cabinet doors attached to the rotating shelves, and from continual use and spinning, they may need occasional adjusting. The misalignment is usually due to one of three scenarios: cabinet doors are not centred from top to bottom within the frame (causing rubbing on top or bottom frame), the cabinet doors don't close all the way on one side or the door is crooked in the frame (causing rubbing against the side frame). Solutions are available for all three problems.

Skill level:

Things you need

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver (usually Phillips)

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    Centring Lazy Susan Cabinet Doors

  1. 1

    Remove the shipping pin at the top of the mounting bracket with pliers.

  2. 2

    Move the doors to the right to expose the height adjustment screw by the bottom shelf.

  3. 3

    Rotate the screw with a screwdriver to the right to raise the doors and to the left to lower the doors.

    Adjusting Doors to Close Properly

  1. 1

    Expose one side of the bottom mounting bracket by opening the cabinet door slightly.

  2. 2

    Remove the shipping screw (the screw towards the centre of the lazy susan) and loosen the star washer screw (the screw farthest from the centre) with a screwdriver. Move the shipping screw to the right side of the slot if the door is out of alignment to the left; move the screw to the left side for alignment to the right.

  3. 3

    Repeat step 2 on the other side of the bottom mounting bracket. Move the bracket to the left or right, depending on which way the doors need to go. Retighten the shipping screws in the door alignment slots, and close the doors to check if you need to repeat the step to get in alignment. Tighten the star washer screws once alignment is satisfactory.

    Adjust Crooked Doors for Proper Rotation

  1. 1

    Remove two shipping screws from the top mounting bracket. Loosen the front and back star washer screws. Manoeuvre the top mounting bracket to align vertically with the sides of the cabinet. Eliminate gaps from the outer cabinet frame. Check several times by moving and tightening the star washer screws and repeating as needed. Securely tighten the screws once spacing is correct, and replace shipping screws in any available slots or holes.

  2. 2

    Adjust bottom mounting bracket by removing the shipping screws, and loosen both sides of the star washer screws. Manipulate the bottom bracket until it is aligned vertically with the sides of the cabinet to eliminate gaps and assure the shelf rotates correctly without hitting the sides of the cabinet frame. Place the shipping screws in the side-to-side adjustment slots, and tighten them once the alignment is correct, repeating steps as needed.

  3. 3

    Tighten the star washer screws once you have proper alignment on the bottom of the cabinet.

Tips and warnings

  • You do not need to remove the shelves for adjustments unless they have more than 45.4kg. of items on them. offers illustrated steps of adjustments on a lazy susan cabinet. (See References below.)

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