How to Make a BMI Spreadsheet on Excel

Updated June 18, 2018

BMI stands for body mass index, which is a standard method for determining obesity based on weight and height. BMI is used as a screening tool because height and weight have been found to correlate with body fat. To calculate BMI, you need to know your height in inches and feet and your weight in pounds. By crediting an Excel spreadsheet to calculate BMI for you, you can alter values to see how it would affect your BMI. For example, you could see what effect losing 6.8 Kilogram would have on your BMI.

Enter "Weight in Pounds" in cell A1, "Height in Feet" in cell A2, "Height in Inches" in cell A3, "Total Height" in cell A4 and "BMI" in cell A5.

Enter "=B2*12+A3" in cell B4 to have Excel calculate the total height.

Enter "=B1/B4^2*703" in cell B5 to calculate the BMI.

Enter the weight and heights of different people in cells B1 through B3 and the BMI will appear in cell B5.


The formula for calculating body mass index usually overestimates the percentage of body fat in people with muscular builds while it underestimates the body fat in people lacking muscle mass.

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