How to turn off the numlock in laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Although almost all laptops lack a physical number pad, computer manufacturers have labelled several of the keys on the right side of your keyboard with both letters and numbers. When the numbers lock is activated, these keys serve as your number pad. For most laptops, pushing the NumLock key turns the number pad on and off. Push it once to turn it on. Push it again to turn it off. However, if the numbers lock is on every time you reboot your computer, change the settings in your Registry Editor.

Test your Numlock key. It might also be spelt "num lk." Press the Fn (function) key on your keyboard, then press the Numlock key. Switch it on and off to see if you can unlock it. If that doesn't work, open your Registry Editor.

Click the "Start" button and type "Run" in the search bar at the bottom of the start menu. Click "Run" from the search results.

Type "Regedit" in the text field and click "OK." The Registry Editor appears.

Click the arrow next to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" in the left pane of the Registry Editor. A drop-down menu appears.

Click the arrow next to "Control Panel" and highlight "Keyboard" from the drop-down menu.

Double-click "InitialKeyboardIndicators" in the right pane of the Registry Editor. Enter "0" in the pop-up under "Value Data." Click "OK."

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