How to remove wrinkles from polyester fabric

Polyester fabric tends to be difficult to launder because it needs to be washed separately from other fibres. It picks up oils and fibres from other fabrics, leaving tiny fabric pills and spots all over the polyester surface. Polyester also has laundering benefits--it resists most wrinkles, dries quickly after laundering, and does not fade or shrink. When you see wrinkled polyester, it will normally be due to the fabric having been tightly packed during storage or being left in a dryer after the dryer's cycle is finished.

Set the washing machine on its warm setting and allow it to fill. Put the washing powder in the water and then put the polyester item in the washing machine. Let the washing machine run through the wash cycle. Avoid putting other kinds of fabric and oily garments in the same load with the polyester in order to prevent damage to the polyester.

Pour a capful of liquid washing powder in the washing machine when the cold water for the rinse cycle begins to fill. Let the rinse cycle run and let the washing machine spin the excess water out of the polyester.

Set the dryer on the low heat setting and let the dryer run through its cycle. Remove the polyester fabric as soon as the dryer stops tumbling.

If you prefer air drying the polyester fabric, drape it over the clothesline and gently smooth wrinkles out with the palms of your hands.

If the fabric still has wrinkles, set the iron on medium heat. Iron the fabric by moving the iron in a smooth and continuous motion. Do not allow the hot iron to rest in one spot for any length of time--it will scorch the fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing machine
  • Gentle washing powder
  • Liquid fabric softener
  • Dryer or clothesline
  • Iron (optional)
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