How to Get Rid of a Boxspring & Mattress

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the biggest problems when people are moving, or when they simply get a new bed, is figuring out what to do with the old one. In many places you can't out a box spring and mattress out with the trash, so you might have to pay for alternative pickup or find some other disposal option. Luckily, there are a number of great ways to get rid of your mattress and box spring.

Contact a local charity, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill. Many of these charities will pick up the beds to give to less fortunate people who need them. They usually pick them up free of charge and make sure the mattress and box spring get cleaned and distributed to someone in need.

List your mattress and boxspring on or Describe the exact condition of the mattress, and offer to allow people to pick it up for free. In many localities this is the best way to get rid of a mattress and box spring.

Contact your local government and ask about proper mattress and box spring disposal in your area. You might be able to leave them at the curb on trash pickup day, or you might have to pay to have them picked up. Ask what steps you should follow when throwing out your old mattress.


Sometimes the store where you bought your new mattress will take your old one when they deliver the new one. However, you might have to pay for both the delivery and the removal.

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