How to Change Files From Notepad to Word Documents

Updated April 17, 2017

Converting a Notepad file (commonly known as a .txt file) to a Microsoft Word document file (a .doc or .docx file) is sometimes necessary because .txt files do not generally store very much information about document formatting options such as fonts, font sizes, or colours. A .doc or .docx file will store very large amounts of formatting data, and are better overall for customised and more professional-looking documents. The conversion from a .txt file to a Word file is made relatively simple by the fact that Microsoft Word will open a .txt file with virtually no problems.

Open Microsoft Word. This is done in different ways depending on the operating system and user preference. The most common method for opening Microsoft Word is to click "start" or the Windows orb in the lower left corner of the computer screen, click "Programs" or "All Programs," hover the mouse pointer over "Microsoft Office," and click on the icon for Microsoft Word, which will be different depending on which version of the program is installed on the computer.

Open the .txt file to be converted in Microsoft Word. Click "File" or the Microsoft Office orb in the upper left of the screen, then click "open." From here, it is necessary to navigate through the computer's file system to find where the desired .txt file is located. Once it has been found, click on the file once, then click "open" at the bottom right of the dialogue box.

Click "File" in the upper left of the screen again, then click "Save As." In Windows 2007, click the Microsoft Office orb in the upper left corner, then hover the mouse over "save as" and select either "Word document" or "Word 97-2003 document" in the right column of the menu. The "Word document" option will save the file as a .docx file, which can only be viewed in Word 2007 or an earlier version that has been updated with a Compatibility Pack from Microsoft. The "Word 97-2003 document" option will save the file as a .doc file, which can be opened in virtually all versions of Microsoft Word.

Select the location on the computer where the file is to be saved. Save it to the computer's desktop if desired to make the new file easy to locate. Name the file by typing a desired file name in the "file name" box, then click "Save" in the lower right of the dialogue box. The Notepad, or .txt file, is now changed to a Word document.

Things You'll Need

  • A .txt file to be converted
  • Microsoft Word
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