How to Convert Digital Audio to a Text File

Updated March 23, 2017

There are various applications available to convert digital audio to text files via voice recognition technology. The options include software that converts existing audio files into text files, as well as real-time conversions from speech to text, for composing e-mails or any sort of dictation. Such programs are available for Windows, Mac OSX or mobile phones and can be downloaded free of charge or by paying a download fee.

Access the list of "Audio-to-Text Conversion" applications, available for download from the References link:, or

Choose an application that matches your platform: Windows, Mac or Mobile phone. Filter your options within the website through the ''Filter by'' drop-down menu and choose from: ''Free'', ''Free to Try'' or ''Purchase''.

Download the application you desire. Install it in your computer and launch it when completed.

For converting existing audio into text, transfer the audio files from your PDA or digital voice recorder into a folder on your computer.

Launch the Audio-to-Text application you recently downloaded. Access the File menu that corresponds to the application. Generally this will be found within the graphical user interface window.

Choose the ''Import audio files'' option. Browse through your files from the pop-up window and locate those you wish to convert. Confirm the action to begin the conversion from Audio to Text.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access
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