How to make a double wide look more like a house

Written by erika sivils | 13/05/2017

Double-wide trailer homes are a budget-friendly housing choice, but they do not have quite the same appearance that a house does. Houses often come with amenities that double-wide trailers don't come with. These can sometimes leave your mobile home feeling more like a structure and less like home. With a few additions, however, you can make your mobile home look more like a house.

Keep the exterior updated. Faded paint colours, missing shutters, and siding that's falling off make a motor home look unkempt. If its exterior is in good condition, it will look more like a permanent home rather than a quick fix for your housing needs.

Fence off your land if you own the property the trailer's on. Adding a fence gives the space around your mobile home some boundaries. And a white picket fence makes the home look more charming--more like a house found in a neighbourhood.

Build some other permanent structures. Double-wides usually do not have garages or sheds in the near vicinity. The lack of other permanent structures makes it look like temporary housing. Add a swing in the front yard; even a garden makes a trailer look like home.

Build a deck, walkway or driveway. Typical houses have some sort of paved walkway and driveway, so adding one around your mobile home makes it look more like a house. A deck is also an option.

Add some detailed decor. If you can, have a nice-looking mailbox. Put up a bird bath or squirrel feeder to attract the local wildlife. Plant some bushes and trees around the house.

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